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What is a Google Wildcard Search? – SEO Design Chicago

According to Google Search Tricks, a wildcard is a single character (such as an asterisk or period) used to represent a set of pre-defined characters or words.

In this article, you will learn what a Google wildcard search is and some other advanced Google searching tricks! 

Wildcard-Suche: Optimierung der Google-Korrektur

Wildcard-Suche: Optimierung der Google-Korrektur – Lehrer-Online

Die Wildcard-Suche ist eine Optimierungsstrategie bei der Suche mit Google. Die Fremdsprachenlehrkraft kann mit dieser Suchstrategie noch genauer sprachliche …

Nicht alles, was englisch aussieht, ist es auch. Nicht jede spanisch erscheinende Phrase würde auch ein Spanier so schreiben. Und auch in Französischklausuren tauchen Sätze auf, die haarscharf am Sprachgebrauch vorbeischrammen. Aber wie heißt’s richtig?

8 Easy Symbols to Make Google Work Better for You

* (Asterisk): in most computer software, the asterisk symbol means is translated as ‘wildcard’. As the name suggests, wildcards are placeholders, which can be …

A quick guide to incorporating search operator “symbols” into Google queries. This will narrow your results and help you find exactly what you’re looking for.

Google’s * Wildcard Operator – Google Guide

20.07.2007 — Use *, an asterisk character, known as a wildcard, to match one or more words in a phrase (enclosed in quotes).

Wildcards in Google Search: Everything You Need to Know

Wildcards in Google Search: Everything You Need to Know – FatRank

One of the most popular wildcard searches to use in a search query is an asterisk (*), which Google treats as a placeholder for one or more words. So, if we put …

Search Protocol Reference – Google Search Appliance

Search Protocol Reference – Google Search Appliance — Google Developers

System supports single and multiple character wildcard searches within single terms (not within phrase queries). To perform a single character wildcard search …

Google Wildcard Search [Short Tutorial] – YouTube

Google uses the same symbol—an asterisk (*)—both as the wildcard character and for proximity searches. The wildcard searches for variations in words (truncation) …

Advanced Searching with Wildcard * and Proximity on Google …

08.07.2010 — Wildcards are not officially supported in Gmail, even if they are supported in Google Search. That said, I …

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